Omnilux Light Therapy Treatment

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Light Therapy Treatment

Omnilux treatment is a fantastic and non-invasive light therapy treatment, which aims to:

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What does light therapy treat?

Omnilux treatment is not only a number 1 acne treatment, but it’s also an incredibly good anti-ageing treatment. We can treat all types of acne and different skin types. Although acne doesn’t create any medical complications, it can often leave a person with little self-confidence, which can have a huge impact on your life.

Best Acne Treatment

The Omnilux light therapy treatment is the most tested, most trusted brand of LED phototherapy systems on the market today. It has been the gold standard around the world for medical and aesthetic applications since 2003.

Safety and effectiveness

  • The original leader in non-invasive LED technology
  • More than 30 peer-reviewed published studies that validate its clinical claims and treatment protocols
  • Over 3,000 installations worldwide
  • Continuous research for new and novel indications and applications
  • Validated by the Journals of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Photochemistry and Photobiology B, ASLMS, and many others
  • More FDA approved indications than any other brand
  • Global regulatory approvals
  • Originally developed in partnership with Cancer Research UK

Omnilux LED treatment works in three ways using three different lights

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Anti-aging Treatment

The treatment works by stimulating the natural functions of your skin cells without causing damage. With anti ageing, the light stimulates fibroblast cells to produce more collagen, elastin and promotes healthier, younger skin.

Light at specific wavelengths stimulates tissue and influences the restructuring of collagen to firm skin tissue and minimise fine wrinkles. As we get older the skins supportive structures slow down, these structures synthesis collagen and elastin, this results in saggier skin and wrinkles. Many elements such as sun, smoking, environment and many other factors contribute to the way your skin structures slow down.

Omnilux treatment is a great and natural way to change the way our skin behaves. The light is readily absorbed by our body and stimulates collagen production to fill in the fine lines and pores, and also tightens the skin.

Acne Treatment

As acne specialists, we use the best technology, which is completely drug free. Treatments are quick, painless and safe and can treat acne in all areas including the face, neck, chest and back.

The Blue Light targets and neutralizes the acnes bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for inflammatory acne. The red light stimulates anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and promote skin healing.

Each light treatment delivers a pure, optimised, narrowband light that is carefully selected to deliver optimum light doses. Cells in our body contain receptors that absorb this light which leads to an increase of the energy of the cell, accelerating the normal cellular process and making the skin cells work more efficiently. In this way, light therapy can stimulate the formation of collagen within the skin.

Why choose Omnilux Treatment

The Omnilux light therapy is a non invasive, non ablative, pain free and completely safe!

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At your free consultation, your professional practitioner will ask you about the results you want to achieve and go through a medical form. They’ll assess your skin type for suitability and recommend a personalised treatment plan.

Treatment Process

Step 1 – Book a Free Consultation

Prior to treatment, you must first undergo a consultation to assess your skin condition and to recommend an appropriate Omnilux treatment programme. Omnilux a standalone treatment or combined with another treatment. It is perfect for treating, skin rejuvenation, acne skin and wound healing.

The Treatment Process

We will cleanse your skin and apply a low dose vitamin moisturiser. The light canopy will then be carefully placed over the face a few centimeters from the surface of your skin, the therapeutic light will then proceed for a 20-minute dose, colour will be dependent the programmed designed for you and your goals.

No downtime!

The LED light stimulates the natural functions of your skin cells without causing damage.

Please follow any aftercare recommendations

Results vary from person to person but generally following a course of treatments, clients report an overall improvement to skin tone, clarity and softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clinical trials for acne have shown an 81% reduction in lesions 12 weeks after completing a course of treatments. Trials for skin rejuvenation show 91% of subjects report improvement in their skin. The skin continues to improve for 3-6 months after a course of treatment. Maintenance visits are always recommended to maintain results.

Omnilux Treatment Prices

In order to determine how much your treatment will cost, we will need to see you for a consultation. This is because no two people’s treatment goals or conditions are the same and we will need to look at your skin and the severity of any conditions you have to determine how many treatments you will need in order to achieve maximum results.

When we have no offers on, Omnilux treatment is £60 per session, however please check below for any current offers.

Our consultations are free and are a great way to discuss treatment. Please contact us to book a consultation.

Finance Available

We offer finance at 0% APR to our clients. You can now pay in installments for any treatment in our range providing it has a minimum value of £250 and you pay a 10% deposit upfront. Applicants can choose between either a 6, 9, 10 or 12-month repayment plan making our state of the art treatments more affordable. If you’re interested in applying, please click here.

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