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Lip Fillers

As you age, your lips naturally become thinner and lose definition. You may notice this the most around ‘Cupid’s Bow’, the V-shaped area of your upper lip. When you lose definition, many people turn to Lip Fillers (Dermal Fillers) to enhance the shape of their lips and the plumpness.

At LaserLife we use Juvederm fillers and Allergan. Juvederm is the highest quality lip filler as it’s a smooth consistency gel, compared to some hyaluronic gel products that have a granular consistency. This allows a smoother and longer lasting treatment, with results lasting as long as 9months.
Allergan has real, noticeable results—you may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for treatment of moderate to severe frown lines. Results may vary.

With dermal fillers, you will see the results immediately. To begin with there is some minor swelling and bruising, but for the most part, you should see the results the same day. After a week, most of the swelling should be resolved and you will see clearly the final result. Due to the high quality of our fillers, results are long-lasting and give you an ultimate plump/ fullness to your lips.

Before the procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to the lips to ensure the area is numb. If you haven’t had a consultation already, you will have a discussion with the Doctor to determine your overall goal. Lip fillers are then injected into the area required to give you more natural fuller lips. When injecting dermal Fillers into the lips, your Doctor will focus on improving the shape and increasing the overall plumpness.

The procedure itself will only take around 30minutes and you will not feel a thing due to the aesthetic.

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