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What is the CryoPen/ CryoTreatment?

Following on from 13-years of development, the CryoPen is the most innovative, technologically advanced instrument in cryosurgery on the market today for the permanent removal of:

  • Freckles or dark, hyperpigmented lesions
  • Age/liver spots
  • Milia
  • Warts – hands & feet
  • Cherry angioma (red blisters)
  • Verrucas
  • Skin tags

Do you need expert advice?

Our FREE consultations offer you the opportunity to go over your treatment in more detail. Our therapists will happily answer any questions you may have.

What does the CryoPen Remove?

Cryo treatment uses a CryoPen to effectively remove a range of lesions. This includes

  • Skin tags
  • Warts & Verrucae
  • Blood blisters (cherry angiomas)
  • Milla and more!

The CryoPen allows us to achieve better results than traditional cryotherapy treatments such as the application of liquid nitrogen with a cotton bud or home removal kits.

Is Cryo Treatment Right For Me?

Before the treatment, we will carry out an analysis of the treatment area, taking into account the age, location, and size of the lesion and skin type. The duration of the treatment will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue requiring treatment. The treatment will consist of two stages: the first freezing cycle and the second freezing cycle – this offers the best opportunity for success.

How does the CryoPen work?

The CryoPen removes imperfections by doing controlled circular movements that stay within the limits of the treatment area. The CryoPen has a penetration rate of freezing of approximately 1 mm per 5 seconds with a maximum freezing depth of 3 to 6mm – the amount of time needed will relate to the depth of the lesion.

Treatment Process

Step 1 – Book a Free Consultation

We offer consultations to allow you the opportunity to meet with our qualified experts to discuss your area of concern and the treatment you are considering. Our clinician will advise you on how the treatment works, the cost and what you can expect during the treatment and post-treatment. Any possible risks involved will also be thoroughly explained so that you can make an informed decision about the treatment.

In addition, we will assess the suitability for the treatment. We’ll give you our honest expertise where we believe that you may not be a candidate for that treatment. Or if you may be better suited to an alternative treatment.

The Treatment Process

Our clinician will hold the applicator as close as possible to the skin imperfection and moved quickly towards and away from it.

The treatment time could be from 1-30 seconds, depending on the size and depth of the lesion. The CryoPen™ freezes at a rate of approximately 1mm per 5 seconds.

Does CryoPen treatment hurt?

There will be a mild sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment and the area can be slightly itchy for about 10 minutes after the procedure. Most patients get an anesthetic effect from the extreme freezing temperatures.

Little downtime

During the procedure, the area freezes and turns white. After this white area thaws, flushing occurs and the area will turn red and a weal will form. After 2-24 hours post-treatment, the weal may turn into a blister- this may take several days to dissolve, however, this is very rare. A crust will form over the lesion, which typically, after about 10 to 14 days, will fall off leaving the skin healed.

The skin may appear lighter in colour or pink, which then returns to its normal colour over a period of a few weeks. Lesions treated on the legs often take a little more time to heal.

For larger and deeper lesions a second crust may form making the healing time slightly longer.

Although it is best to try to leave the treated area uncovered, you may apply a plaster or simple dressing if it is in an area that may lead to rubbing and aggravation. It is important not to pick at the crust as this may lead to scarring.

Please follow any aftercare recommendations

Blister Removal

Blistering can happen with any cryotherapy treatment and is indiscriminate. The Cryopen is the most effective way of avoiding blisters as we are only treating the affected area and not healthy tissue.

If a blister does appear, please don’t pop it. It will go down on its own. If it pops, weeping may occur. If so use a smear of Savlon or Germolene cream twice a day. You can use an adhesive dressing such as a plaster to cover the area to protect it.

Skin Tag Removal

These turn black at the base and drop off over a period of one to six weeks. Larger skin tags of 3mm+ may need a second freeze. Please contact us after six weeks if they need another treatment. If the area does become tender you can use Savlon or Germolene twice a day. During this time, you can use a plaster to cover the area to stop any irritation or clothing rubbing on it.

Warts and Verruca Removal

Following on from wart or verruca removal, if the wart or verruca is still visible after 4weeks, we would recommend retreating it.

There is no aftercare apart from if the treated area develops a blister.

Milia Removal

These are superficial keratin-filled epidermal cysts and normally flatten and disappear with Cryotherapy quite quickly. There is no need to do anything other than follow the blister advice if one appears

Pigmentation Treatment and cherry Angiomas Removal

The treated area may raise and look like a bee-sting. Do not worry this is perfectly normal. The redness will subside in a few hours.

General advice for all skin lesions

In the case of all lesions, over the next 24 hours, the area will go darker and develop a crust on the surface. Do not pick this off. When it naturally falls away you will see new skin which is a shiny pink colour. This is not scarring. It will re-pigment over the following weeks and could take several months.

The histamine in the treatment area will create an itchy sensation for between ten and sixty minutes, do not worry this is perfectly normal.

Do not pick the treated area at any time after treatment otherwise the area will take longer to heal. If you knock off a wheel/scab accidentally, it will also take longer to heal, but you should still have the same outcome of successful treatment.

CryoPen Treatment Prices

In order to determine how much your CryoPen treatment will cost, we will need to see you for a consultation first. This is because no two people or conditions are the same and we will need to look at the lesion to determine how many treatments you will need in order to achieve maximum results.

Our consultations are free and are a great way to discuss treatment. Please contact us to book a consultation.

CryoPen Treatment FREE Consultation

At your free consultation, your professional practitioner will ask you about the results you want to achieve and go through a medical form. They’ll assess your skin type for suitability and recommend a personalised treatment plan.

Finance Available

We offer finance at 0% APR to our clients. You can now pay in installments for any treatment in our range providing it has a minimum value of £250 and you pay a 10% deposit upfront. Applicants can choose between either a 6, 9, 10 or 12-month repayment plan making our state of the art treatments more affordable. If you’re interested in applying, please click here.

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