Step 1 – Free Initial Consultation


Our 3D Skintech facial treatments offer a collection of advanced, cosmetic skin care treatments to combat skin concerns such as premature ageing skin, uneven skin tone, acne or congested skin. The treatments are suitable for both women and men of all ages and skin types, in your consultation we will discuss your individual needs to ensure they are met.

It is the perfect treatment to have once a month, that will increase your skin heath and leave you looking and feeling radiant. Or we can put together a treatment programme that will address specific skin concerns such as uneven skin tone or acne.


Step 2 – The Treatment

3D Skintech Advanced Facials is a multi-step treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates dead skin cells and replenishes vital nutrients including Antioxidants and Peptides.

Step 1 – Deep cleanse and lymphatic drainage to clean and detoxify the skin

Step 2 – Chemical Exfoliation – A mixture of light acids to loosen dead skin cells

Step 3 – Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and encourage healthy new skin to the surface

Step 4 – Product Infusion using a gentle current too deeply hydrate the skin with nourishing serums

Step 5 – Radio Frequency skin tightening to stimulate collagen and iron out fine lines

Step 6 – LED Light therapy to energise the cells to repair quicker and rejuvenate faster.

Step 7 – Hydrate and protect with moisturising products packed full of skin boosting ingredients.



Step 3– Recovery


There is no recovery time, skin is instantly radiant


Step 4 – Aftercare


Avoid any heat on the treated area for 48 hours including sunbeds. Drink plenty of water.