Wart Removal

Wart Removal LaserLife Clinic London

Warts are non-threatening skin growths, most commonly found on the hands and feet. However, they are contagious, so hygiene is of the upmost importance if you are affected.

If you are suffering with a wart, Laser Life offers a safe an effective treatment that with remove it and restore soft and flawless skin.

This is a freezing based treatment, where we use a CryoPen to target the affected area. The CryoPen uses a state-of-the-art, linear compression cooling technology that does not require handling of dangerous cryogenic gases and liquids, such as with existing, cryosurgical technologies. In addition to not being exposed to potentially dangerous gases or liquids, the pen-point precision and consistent freeze temperature of the CryoPen reduces the risks of serious burns.

This procedure will usually only take a few minutes. Our expert therapists will always provide you with a thorough consultation either before the treatment, or at a different time depending on your schedule.

How does the CryoPen work on warts?

The wart removal treatment at Laser Life is the Cryopen freezing treatment. This is great for targeting and destroying the wart without damaging the healthy skin around it.

Is it a painful procedure?

Although you may feel some very mild discomfort, the Cryopen does not cause any pain.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Even if your warts have failed to respond to other treatments in the past, you are absolutely going to get great results with the Cryopen wart removal.

Is there any aftercare?

It rare to have a complication during this treatment. Post-treatment you are able to continue with you normal daily routine including bathing.

What else does the Cryopen Remove?

The CryoPen is a versatile tool when it comes to removal. We can remove warts, skin tags, age spots, verrucaes, Milia, blood blisters and solar lentigo.

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