Omnilux x2 Treatments

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Omnilux is a non-invasive light therapy treatment, which:

  • Treats acne
  • Aids skin healing
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Reverses the signs of ageing
  • Rejuvenates the skin

Omnilux uses different lights delivered at different times which stimulates cells, this helps to counteract the effects of aging. Light therapy enhances not only DNA synthesis, but also augments cellular tissue regeneration including collagen deposition.

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Age Reversal

Light at specific wavelengths stimulates tissue and influence restructuring of collagen to firm skin tissue and minimise fine wrinkles. As we get older the skins supportive structures slow down, these structures synthesis collagen and elastin, this results in saggier skin and wrinkles. Many elements such as sun, smoking, environment and many other factors contribute to the way your skin structures slow down.

Light therapy is a great and natural way to change the way our skin behaves. The light is readily absorbed by our body and stimulates collagen production to fill in the fine lines and pores, and also tightens the skin.


Our acne treatment uses OMNILUX light therapy, which works by stimulating the natural functions of your skin cells without causing damage. The Omnilux light therapy uses two types of light blue and red. The Blue Light targets and neutralizes the acnes bacteria, which are responsible for inflammatory acne. The Revive red light stimulates anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and promote skin healing.

Each light treatment delivers a pure, optimised, narrowband light that is carefully selected to deliver optimum light doses. Cells in our body contain receptors that absorb this light which leads to an increase of the energy of the cell, accelerating the normal cellular process and making the skin cells work more efficiently. In this way, light therapy can stimulate the formation of collagen within the skin, to unblock pores and aid healing, leaving you with clearer skin.

Before Treatment

Before treatment begins, an initial free consultation is carried out to assess your skin condition and to recommend an appropriate OMNILUX treatment course. OMNILUX can be used alone or in combination with your favourite facial treatment to maximize results. Treatment can be started the same day as your consultation as no test patch is required.

We will contact you to book an appointment after purchase, alternatively you can book a free consultation online and arrange a separate day for treatment if you prefer this. If you book an appointment online, please select the advent Omnilux treatment option in order to claim offer for a future treatment.




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