Laser Hair Removal London

Laser hair removal is a great method for removing unwanted bodily hair, but is it a permanent solution?

Laser hair removal London: Hair removal is an easy and simple process to go through. Depending on what area you’d like the hair to be removed from, it will take a course of treatments in order to achieve this.

In order to achieve complete hair clearance in your treatment area, some people may need to follow up laser treatments with electrolysis to remove any remaining finer hairs. Electrolysis involves treating one hair at a time, and is a good option for smaller areas where precision is necessary like the face, or underarms.

Laser hair removal London at Laserlife we use ND YAG lasers and Alexandrite Laser, we have two different lasers as one laser is not right for all. The Nd: YAG Laser is specially used for Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin types to achieve superior results. For Caucasian skin types we use an Alexandrite Laser.

ND YAG Benefits:

  • A long-pulsed Nd YAG laser  penetrates the skin to the level of the follicle without having any ill-effects to the surrounding areas.
  • At Laserlife we use ND YAG laser, which means it is safe on every skin type, this is important as not all lasers can be used on certain skin types and colours, such as dark skin, however we can safely remove hair from dark skin.
  • The ND YAG uses fast repetition rates, and has larger coverage than other lasers, this allows large areas of the body to be treated quickly.

Alexandrite Laser Benefits:

  • This laser is the fastest of all the laser types. It is good for treating larger body areas among patients who are of light-to-olive complexion. (This laser can be used on darker skin tones)
  • This laser is known to be effective on finer, thinner hairs that other lasers are not effective with.
  • Alexandrite has a very good skin penetration rate

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