Lipo Cavitation

Lipo Cavitation: Fat freezing Pro

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and finally get back into those skinny jeans you’ve had in your wardrobe for, like, ever! Introducing Lipo Cavitation…a pain-free, non-surgical weight loss treatment.

This machine works by using ultrasound Fat-Freezing technology to help you lose up to 2 inches after just one 1 hour session, something no diet can do!

Think of it as a ‘hoover’ for body fat. A suction device is used on the treated area and for 30 mins, the machine focuses beams of energy that pulsate through the area to rupture fat cells only. Following treatment and over the next 14 days, the content of the fat cells are processed by your own metabolic system. This metabolic process transports the waste mater to the liver where it goes on to be flushed out through the lymphatic system.

This machine is versatile and can be used on the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks.

After a course of treatments – which is recommended for the best results – you can see immediate results in the reduction of fat. The treatment uses cavitation technology which allows for the non-surgical attack on the inflexible fat deposits that, no matter how much you diet and exercise, never seem to improve. You can get similar results to lip suction without the surgery or any recovery time.

Providing you maintain a healthy diet and a sensible exercise regime, the results of the lipo cavitation treatment can be long lasting and a worthwhile investment.

And guess what! It can even work on that pesky cellulite! Lipo Cavitation effectively targets cellulite and fats cells to break it down to give a smoother appearance.

However, this treatment isn’t a magic wand and requires some TLC. It is advised to avoid drinking alcohol for 3 days after each treatment. This is because your liver will be busy processing the fat that has been broken down by the treatment. You will need to drink plenty of water – about 2 litres a day – in order to keep yourself hydrated before and after treatment. A low calorie diet is also advised to ensure that fat energy released as a result of treatment is used by the body.

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