Chemical Peel London .

It is common knowledge that a Chemical Peel will have somewhat of a bad reputation within the beauty industry. It is preserved as being something to be afraid of, but that is far from the truth. Chemical Peels are just like any other advanced skincare treatment and they come with both risks and benefits. However, when treatments are performed by trained professionals at Laser Life Clinic, the benefits to your skin far outweigh risks. So, is Chemical Peel right for you?

Does it come with downtime?

Remember that episode in from ‘Sex in the City’ where Samantha had a Chemical Peel and she looked obviously severely burned and sore. This is the result only of a deep Chemical Peel treatment. Now-a-days, there are laser treatments that provide this deep resurfacing treatment with fewer side effects and less downtime. There are many different types of Peels out there that are very mild and with a series of this type of treatment can give you the results of one very deep peel without the ‘Samantha’ look.

Is it a one-time solution?

Although Chemical Peels can repair visible damage on the skins surface, can cannot fix sun damage and other factors associated with ageing. For example, if you continue to be in the sun without SPF after having a chemical peel, it actually causes more damage than it did before. Really, Chemical Peels are great to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone and to treat acne. Even though you can see results after one treatment, it is highly recommend to have a course to be sure you are receiving the best outcome. Such like exercising, the more consistent you are the better results you will get.

Can you have a Chemical Peel when you don’t have problem skin?

Honestly? No. The skin’s normal rate of skin cell turnover is 21-28 days, but depending on the damage to the skin, this turnover starts to slow down in our late 20s. During this time, when the skin is healthy and clear, a chemical peel will only be as beneficial as a deep cleanse facial.

There are many questions as to why some treatments are more effective than others, but at the LaserLife Clinic, all questions and queries are answered and our professionally trained staff are more than happy to talk you through the procedure you are having.

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