Botox Injections

Botox injections

Since 2002, Botox injections has taken over the beautifying industry in the Western world. This injectable ‘youth potion’ is available up and down the country with some celebrities swearing oaths to its ‘magic powers’.

But, like many things in life, it can be too good to be true. Many people confuse what Botox actually does. Botox is only beneficial to reduce a muscle weaker for 3-4 months. It doesn’t fill the lines. It just makes it harder to make the muscle contraction that creates the lines. The most common of this is the ‘smile lines’ around the mouth. These are deep set and you will need a filler to ease them.

As there is such a high demand for Botox, it can cause competitiveness between administrating companies. This can result in a cheap series of Botox which are too good to be true. Before you let the needle anywhere near you, make sure you know who and what you’re dealing with. With such a chemical going into your face, cheap is not cheerful. At Laser Life, we always make sure the Botox is to the highest standard and is preserved in a safe and secure way.

At Laser life, our therapists are fully qualified and highly experienced. An unskilled injector might leave you lopsided, if the Botox is injected wrong in any part of your face, you may have a lopsided appearance. Just remember that there is a speciality involved in the technique, so be sure the therapist is highly experienced and skilled.

When paying for a Botox treatment you are paying for two things – the Botox used and the skill, training and education of the administrator – and neither are inexpensive. Getting a deal on Botox from online discount websites scream suspect. Be cautious the supplier isn’t diluting it down or using less for your treatment. Diluting the Botox too much can cause it to travel to other places after the injection – leading to drooping eyebrows for example.

Laser Life has over 25 combined years experience treating clients. Our Botox therapist is a registered Doctor oppose to a nurse. The best botox to use are Juvederm and Allergan to avoid side-effects and achieve the best results.

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